“We Rise Together" offers collaboration, growth, and support on a transformative journey. In this space, recognizing the power of self-reflection, communication, and unwavering support are the keys to overcoming the fear of speaking up and embracing change. It's time to break free from bias and create new narratives.

Join us as we pause, consider our thoughts, and choose a new trajectory.

Here's what "We Rise Together" is all about:

Courageous Exploration

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone in a safe environment? It's challenging, but it's crucial. We provide better care and foster and learn by encouraging ourselves and each other to explore the unknown.

Impact Beyond Ourselves

Let's delve into the power of our actions. They create a ripple effect on the bigger picture—which ultimately should improve our ability to connect with our clients, providing better care, and fostering genuine listening.

Uncover the strength of growing together. You'll be part of a group, meeting three times for an hour during the 30-day completion of the Playbook. let's rise together towards positive transformation.

Are you ready to advance, rise above, and transform?

"Rise Together" is more than just a program; it's a commitment to evolving, learning, and leading with forethought.

Price $350. Playbook is included.

Dates: Thursday Evenings. Exact days and times TBA 

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