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Dr. Janet A. Williams, MSM, CNM
Founder & CEO

Dr. Janet A. Williams, MSM, CNM
Founder & CEO

She is a doctoral-prepared midwife, consultant, and educator who imparts information to women and healthcare providers alike.

She is a rebel, a dreamer, a wife, and a mother, who was destined to be a midwife... She has been in collaborative hospital practice for 18 years, and after having attended over eight hundred births, she continues to be awed by the strength of the women she serves.

A course creator, and author, whose vision to decrease maternal mortality in women of color is woven throughout each endeavor. The intention is that health professional education, and career mentoring will create an ongoing pipeline of birth-workers who will join together to become a large part of the solution.

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As maternal healthcare professionals, we promised to do no harm.
Implicit Bias causes harm, and a sense of disconnect with our clients.

No More Broken Promises
Be brave and A.C.T. how??

Acknowledge, Commit and Teach others to do the same. 

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“There were lots of grounding stories about why this is important, Dr J. took a vague concept like “bias” and made it tangible. The in-depth knowledge from your 18 years of practice resonates.”

M. Bates

3rd Year Medical Student

“Dr Janet Williams included a composite of patient stories so listeners would understand that maternal morbidity and mortality is a problem here and now and something we all have a responsibility to address.”

M. Smith

3rd Year Medical Student

On behalf of the general membership and Board of Directors of the New York State Perinatal Association (NYSPA), we thank you for your participation in our annual conference.  Your presentation "Demystifying Bias: Understanding Its Impact on the Delivery of Maternal Healthcare" attracted a lot of interest and was rated highly.  88% of the attendees felt the presentation was excellent.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.    

S. Chesna, Executive Director at Mother's & Babies Perinatal Network of SCNY, Inc